SPIKE BOY & THE NATURE LEAGUE began with a dream. This dream was to ignite in children a consciousness of environmental sustainability so that they could grow into environmentally responsible global citizens, thus making the world a better place in which to live.

This website is the enactment of this dream. We believe that children are the agents of change in our society and through the creation of an entertaining and interactive adventure comic series, we are confident that our message of environmental sustainability will reach children all over the world.

The Company

E-PRAX develops digital products such as games, web comics, e-books and other digital content for tablets and smart phones. Our focus is education and we develop projects that combine entertainment with learning and the acquisition of knowledge. Our goal is to create entertaining and interactive digital content that can be used as a teaching and learning tool to educate children all over the world.

This goal led us to the creation of the innovative GAME COMIC – an interactive web based comic that combines the graphic novel and video game forms for the purpose of encouraging reading and improve literacy. This means that children are reading, learning and having fun – all at the same time!

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